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         News from the Farm
               Sept. 2022

     In the past few months their have been significant things going on everywhere in the world. To name a few, the war between Ukraine and Russia, a serious drought in America, the death of Queen Elizabeth II, but in all this despair we should remember the good things too. This year we started our own Youtube channel, we were blessed with rain that helped slow if not entirely stop the drought, and we received our pigs for butcher a few weeks ago. We must take the bad, but always remember the good, because there will always be good.

     Though Covid 19 seems like a bad memory there is still empty places on the shelves of many grocery stores.  Trouble is still here for now and that is why it is a good idea to know your local farmers.  We prefer to sell directly to the consumer anyway and a lot of times we are cheaper than the grocery store because you are not paying a middle man for your food.  We can also tell you how the food was produced and what was or was not put on it.  While we are done with vegetables for the year we do still have grass fed beef for sale. Visit the contact us page if you would like any.


      Bernie and Becky Binns

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