News from the Farm

               November 2020

 Today is the day we get to add another hour to 2020.  I am sure everyone is excited about that.  We are winding down our vegetable growing season, and in fact the only thing still in the garden is some late planted green beans.  We have had to cover them since the night time temps have been in the 30's.  Folks from up north are used to those temps but here in Texas we were hunkered down in front of the fire place.  We have about 10 more chickens to finish butchering and then we are done with that for the year.

     Covid 19 has had everyone going to the grocery store this year and stocking up, so much in fact that there have been some empty store shelves.  This is why it is a good idea to know your local farmers.  We prefer to sell directly to the consumer anyway and a lot of times we are cheaper than the grocery store because you are not paying a middle man for your food.  We can also tell you how the food was produced and what was or was not put on it.  While we are done with vegetables for the year we do still have grass fed beef and chicken for sale. Visit the contact us page if you would like any.


      Bernie and Becky Binns