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The term grass-fed can be misleading especially since all cattle are herbivores. What you are looking for in grass-fed beef are cattle that are fattened on pastures and not on a lot of grain. Cattle that are fattened on pastures have certain health benefits that cattle fattened on grain do not. This has a lot to do with the types of fat that are in the meat. Cattle finished on pastures are also quite a bit leaner than cattle fattened on grain. Lastly, at Dry Creek Farms we take great pride in caring for the cattle that will eventually end up on your plate. The relationship we have with our customers is one we do not take lightly and one we won't take for granted. That is why we will always strive for excellence not only in our product, but in the way we produce that product.

How To Buy

We make buying grass-fed beef directly from the farm as easy as possible. We will sell beef in wholes or halves. We also have individual cuts that are available for sale that you can buy directly from us. Whole Beefs and Halves can be cut any way you want.

What This Costs:

Whole Beef $2,000.00

Half Beef $1,000.00

Individual Cuts

Hamburger $5.50 per pound

Visit the Contact Us page and send us an e-mail or give us a call for information on how to pay.

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